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About Us

At Pine Healthcare, we’re experts in more than analytics, operations management, and technology. We’re experts in you and your industry. This gives us the context to look deeper to identify and capitalize on opportunities to outperform. We call it Digital Intelligence: the all-important combination of digital and domain knowledge, human and technology, coming together to create breakthrough results.

Digital Intelligence is why companies in the world’s most complex industries—from insurance to healthcare to transportation—bring us their toughest challenges, their seemingly impossible goals.   

We work as one committed team, with one overarching goal: to give our clients the power to transform—to move from playing catch-up to leading the pack. Because we’re not content to help our clients adapt to change. We embolden them to lead the change.

Our Services

We offer the Best Medical Billing Service tailored to your needs at the lowest possible prices. You can start today and experience not just quality medical billing but reliable Practice Management services as well.

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Working With Our Best Clients


Why choose

​Pine Healthcare Pvt Ltd provides reliable medical billing services that help you manage a stress-free revenue cycle and drive the profitable growth of your practice. It is our responsibility to understand your requirements, meet your needs, and earn your satisfaction. If you outsource medical billing services to us, we can guarantee to help you generate higher revenues.


Our billing services are tailored to your practice's particular requirements.  We make sure you get what you deserve.


A wide range of solutions focused on optimizing your client’s cash flow and increasing reimbursements.

With this, we make every dollar possible!



Schedule a meeting with us. Our experts are here to understand all

of your challenges, requirements,

and goals so we can identify the

right solution for you



Let our training and implementation teams take over. We create the strategy, configure the systems, and deliver the solution.



Healthcare is changing. Our Client Success Teams exist to provide long term planning and consulting that differentiates your business.

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Pine Healthcare Pvt Ltd.
539 w. Commerce St #1074
Dallas, TX 75208

+1 3393688271

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